Our Philosophy

The wider an oak tree, the more solid & sturdier its foundation. That’s why an oak tree can withstand some pretty serious storms.

The Penchanga Great Oak Tree is estimated to be the oldest oak tree alive, at around 2,000 years old. If you Google it, you’ll notice that it’s got a seriously strong & sturdy base. No doubt that’s played a big real in keeping it alive for so long. 

We apply the same philosophy to building websites.

It all begins with building a solid foundation that’s ideal for steady growth. We know how to build this solid foundation when it comes to serving small-team service businesses. Using software like WordPress, Elementor & Wix, we can build easy-to-manage websites that are scalable & suit the needs of most service professionals. 

Stormy weather is inevitable during business, and with a website that’s easy to manage & built on the right foundations, changes can be made almost instantaneously without breaking the bank.

Meet Andy

Andy Batuchi is the guy who runs it all and is currently working on growing Wider Oak Digital into a business that puts service professionals in full control over their websites without all the tech-related headaches. 

Running a Professional Service Business?

Whether you run a consulting, trade, or any other professional service business, we can help you build a website that’s easy to use & doesn’t eat up your time.

One thing we don’t do (at least not yet) is build e-commerce websites. We only specialise in helping small team service businesses and we’re always on the lookout for softwares & workflow systems that are easy for your staff to use with minimal training.

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