How Is A.I. Changing Marketing? A List of What It’s Capable of So Far (Updated 2021)

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I’ve created this list to keep track of how A.I. is changing marketing. 

For each category, I’ve listed a ‘wow factor’ rating: a score of 1 means the available A.I. software in that category is a bit meh. A score of 10 means ‘holy crap wow this changes the game!’

In other words, the higher something scores, the more it makes sense to check it out & perhaps even use it. 

I must add that this is all based on my opinion, and every so often, I’ll update this article as new software come onto the market – so if you want to bookmark this and return to it at a later date, then by all means, be my guest.

1. Copywriting & Long Form Blog Articles

Wow Factor: 8/10 

The two most popular A.I. copywriting & blog writing tools I’ve seen on the market are and

I have tested both – and to get the most out of these softwares, you need to get good at ‘guiding’ them, which takes a bit of time to get your head around. 

Without any guidance whatsoever, in other words, if you just instruct the softwares to type, they’re fully capable of replacing cheap Fiverr-quality writing services with ease. 

That being said, they’re great at alleviating writer’s block because you can easily get a constant stream of ideas – it’s still very much up to you to tweak the content to suit your tone of voice. In my opinion, they’ve still got a long way to go to replace world-class copywriters, or those who write entertaining content in a unique tone-of-voice. 

Here’s a comprehensive list of A.I. writing assistants on

2. Text To Speech 

Wow Factor: 7/10 

Many A.I text to speech softwares can now produce voice overs that are indistinguishable from humans. Something like for instance can replace voiceover artists for simple, short scripts that don’t require too much emotional input.  

On that note, emotional tones are a little hard to grasp for current text-to-speech A.I. softwares–you can’t really tell it to ‘say this word with a little more oomph please’. For simple promo videos however, or even animated explainer videos, they can do the trick, especially if you want to keep your budget low. 

Here’s a comprehensive list of Text To Speech softwares on

3. Conversational Chatbots

Wow Factor: 5/10 

I’ve scored the wow factor as a 5/10 for conversational chatbots because it seems like they’ve still got a long way to go to undo the anticlimax of the failed 2016 ‘chatbot revolution’. Most customers find chatbots annoying – especially if they’ve got a complex problem they already know or feel like a chatbot can’t solve. 

The majority of chatbots (that customers deal with currently) don’t use A.I. They’re just pre-coded rule-based chatbots. 

A.I. Chatbots on the other hand aren’t quite mainstream – their power is mostly being harnessed by larger enterprises, and when we look at prices, it’s not hard to see why.

Microsoft offers a conversational A.I. via its ‘Power Virtual Agents’ brand but it comes at a whopping $1,000 a month at the time of this writing., a big conversational A.I, doesn’t show their pricing – that often means it’s not cheap, but it could also mean the software isn’t right for certain businesses and they need to qualify prospects. 

On the flip side, it might not be long before enough data is generated from larger enterprises utilising conversational chatbots so that software companies can then offer affordable plans to smaller businesses – although this might still take a few years before it becomes mainstream. 

4. Video Editing

Wow Factor: 3/10 

Imagine shooting lots of videos throughout the day and then suddenly chucking them into a software – it turns your footage into vlogs, tik toks, the lot. Well, I’m afraid that doesn’t exist just yet…sorry for the anticlimax. 

There are tools like Runway ML – (Reviewed on YouTube by Learn How To Edit Stuff) which can help rotoscope recognisable shapes in an instant and insert green screens into your footage. 

Gliacloud can take a written article, scan it and turn it into a slide-show video with stock photography. It might be handy for large scale publications but not quite for individuals looking to save time editing creative content. 

That’s about as exciting as it gets here. 

5. Website Personalisation 

Wow Factor: 6/10 

Imagine your website transforming into something unique for every user. Headings, banners & pictures change depending on what available data your business has on that individual. 

After a quick Google search, a few website personalisation A.I. softwares that pop up are: 

Small businesses haven’t really adopted these technologies yet and we’re not sure if they might seem a little too creepy. 

6. Website creation

Wow Factor: 4/10 

Haven’t found anything here that can replace web designers & developers just yet. This article by Tooltesters gives a more in-depth rundown of some of the popular A.I. website builders out there. 

But to quickly summarise – there’s Wix ADI which might be okay if you’ve got a simple offer and need to get something up ASAP.

For WordPress, there’s an A.I website builder called 10 Web which can recreate an existing website based on another site and then let you customise the final version with Elementor. 

Other website builders on the market don’t really get any more exciting than that. 

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Table of Contents