5 Project Management Tools For Small Businesses (U.K) & Their Community Sizes 

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Today, we’re going to take a look at tools which can help with project management and collaboration for small businesses if you’re based in the U.K.

That means they need to have acknowledged and adapted to GDPR guidelines.

In this article, we’re not going to go in depth into things like costs because in the grand scheme of things, they’re pretty negligible whereas the pros and cons will depend on your specific situation. But if you want more information on those things, I have sourced and linked the best in-depth review article I can find on the internet for each software.

Instead, we’ll be looking at brief overview of each software and its community sizes on places like Facebook Groups, Reddit, etc. 

That’s because,  at some point or another, you or your staff might get stuck, and a large community is a great place to help your staff troubleshoot their way out of a problem almost instantly , or gain inspiration and ideas as the software evolves.

1. ClickUp

Website: https://clickup.com 

Pricing page: https://clickup.com/pricing 

Best in-depth walkthrough I could find: Tara Wagner’s Review on YouTube

Brief Description: 

Clickup is a  project management app for teams that has a ton of tools built-in.

It is free to use, with certain paid features available.

You can organize projects into boards, which you can create and access from your web browser or the ClickUp mobile app.

On top of that, You can also assign tasks to people on your team, set deadlines for them, track their progress in real time and collaborate effectively with one another by leaving comments on tasks they are assigned to complete.

However, you’ll need to upgrade to the most expensive plan if you want more advanced features like access control levels or third-party integrations via Zapier or GitHub.

Online Communities: 

Typing ‘clickup’ on Facebook’s search features and then clicking on ‘groups’ shows that a few groups with thousands of members have already been formed – the biggest of which has 14K members, and a few smaller ones too. 

2. Asana

Website: https://asana.com 

Pricing page: https://asana.com/pricing 

Best in-depth walkthrough I could find: How To Use Asana by Natalia Kalinska

Brief Description: 

Asana is a freemium project management and collaboration app designed for teams to track their work in projects via task lists (and there are plenty of them to choose from). 

You can start conversations with each other on every task which helps keep everyone in the loop about what’s going on.

With Asana, you can also track whether specific tasks are completed successfully or not via real-time notifications.

Asana lets you break big projects down into several bite-size tasks so that they’re easier to manage.

Although it’s free for teams of up to 15 people and then charges around £10 per user depending on whether payment is made monthly or yearly. 

Online Communities: 

Asana seems to have quite an active community on their forum, although I can’t seem to find a source saying how many members are active there. 

Having said that, Asana did win a community industry awards in 2021. 

Various Asana related Facebook groups pop up with all having under 1,000 members (so not quite as big as the ClickUp Facebook groups). 

3. Monday.com 

Website: https://monday.com 

Pricing Page: https://monday.com/pricing 

Best in-depth walkthrough I could find: How To Use Monday.com by Steward Gauld 

Brief Description:

Monday.com is another project management app for teams that has a free plan available with certain paid features.

You can organize projects into boards, which you can access from your desktop or the mobile app (iOS only).

Additionally, You can easily assign tasks to people on your team and chat in real-time with each other to keep track of everything they are working on.

We also like how Monday lets you set due dates for tasks and then ask whether they were completed on time or not via smart polls.

Online Communities: 

Two Facebook groups show up for Monday.com, one with 9.8k members and another one for students with over 650 members. 

Monday.com also looks like it’s got an active community forum… 

4. Trello 

Website: https://trello.com 

Pricing Page: https://trello.com/en-GB/pricing 

Best in-depth walkthrough I could find: This 58 minute video by Natalia Kalinska 

Brief Description:

Trello is a project management tool that helps you organize your projects into boards.

The free plan gives you access to unlimited boards and basic app integrations via the likes of Slack, Dropbox and Spotify.

When it comes to assigning tasks to team members, Trello lets you create checklists with due dates and descriptions if needed.

On top of that, we like how Trello makes managing sprints with your team quick and easy as all reports for each sprint are available in one place.

Online Communities: 

The biggest Facebook group for Trello users has over 4.6k members, and there are various other niched-down groups. 

Trello does have a Reddit community of over 6k members. 

Trello doesn’t seem to have their own forum like Monday.com & Asana but they do have an Atlassian Community with over 15K posts.  

5. Slack   

Website: https://slack.com 

Pricing Page: https://app.slack.com/plans 

Best in-depth walkthrough I could find: This 12 minute video by App of the Day

Slack is a real-time messaging app for teams that lets you organize your conversations into personalized separate channels.

The app also integrates with all kinds of other apps via its growing directory, including Google Drive and Dropbox, so you can do much more than just talk to your team members in Slack.

There are paid plans available if you need access to more advanced features like custom emojis or message previews in notifications.

Online Communities:

I couldn’t find any decent sized active Facebook groups of Slack users. 

I did manage to find quite an active Reddit community of people who use Slack, with 17K members. 

Slack also runs slackcommunity.com where you can join a chapter (a group of other Slack members near your geographic location). Through this, they host various online meetups where members talk about various project management related topics. 

These are some of the past events if I go to the London chapter for instance… 

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Table of Contents