Web Design Case Study:
Spark Decorating

Spark Decorating’s old website was looking outdated. Even though the site was on Wix, they didn’t have the time to redesign it or familiarise themselves with the new updated features of Wix, since the last website had been done around 4 years ago. 

The Old Site

Keeping It Simple

The old Spark Decorating website looked a bit messy and didn’t reflect the attention to detail of the workmanship the business puts into each project. 

Elements of the previous site, like the top image and the colour scheme were transferred over 

New photos were added to the site to show Spark Decorating’s recent projects. 

The New Site

Thinking To Build Your Website on Wix?

Wix is often a simple solution for professionals looking to set up something quickly. However, the framework of the site needs to be built with scalability in mind – and this is where a lot of people go wrong. 

We can help ensure your Wix site is built with the right blocks & structure your pages so that you can grow your site as efficiently as possible and keep development costs down. 

Once the site is built, it’s relatively simple to make simple tweaks and changes. It’s ideal for small-team service-based businesses that need to cut down admin tasks so they can remain lean & nimble.